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Whether you are cleaning a small, compact space, or a large unobstructed area, CFR's innovative, patented recycling extractors range in size from 10 gallon upright units to 25 gallon self-contained units, and are designed to tackle any carpet cleaning challenge.

  ECO 500
Mid-Size Continuous Flow Recycling 
  Pro 500
Pro-Series Continuous Flow Recycling Extractor
  Pro 750
Pro-Series Continuous Flow Recycling Extractor
  Cascade 20
Self-Contained Continuous Flow Recycling Extractor

Reduced Labor Costs:

Labor is the single greatest expense facing in-house service providers 
and building service contractors. And in an era of ever-tightening budgets, custodial supervisors and managers are being asked to "do more with less" and maintain larger floor areas with less staff. The Cascade 20 cleaning system not only consumes fewer cleaning resources and labor, it extends the need for restorative cleaning cycles and delivers superior results. Cascade 20 enables you to:

  • reduce the cost of cleaning for your organization;
  • dramatically increase the life-cycle of your carpet;
  • minimize time spent on dumps and refills;
  • conserve water, chemical and enhance your green cleaning program;
  • minimize fungus, bacteria, viruses and pollen which can cause odors in carpets;
  • reduce worker injuries and compensation claims.
CLEANER                  FASTER                  GREENER

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