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Floor, Furniture and Surface Protectors for all Environments

Richard Bushey began manufacturing felt pads in 1981, and Expanded Technologies was founded in 1987. Bushey has continued to invent ingenious ways to protect floors and furniture and today the company offers a variety of products. He still holds many related patents for surface protection products, and the company is one of the top three in the U.S. for this category.

Useful in All Environments
Expanded Technologies products are helpful in any environment: homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and schools. The products reduce maintenance costs by providing a variety of solutions that reduce damage and wear caused by furniture.

Floor Savers
Surface Savers

Download the Custom Measuring Tool

Use our custom measuring tool to confirm what size you need to order. Just print our tool, cut it out, then wrap the tool around the tip of your chair leg to determine what size will work.

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Expanded Technologies new Sample Kit holds up to twenty-five different product samples. Now, you can examine each product closely and even test them.

Samples are easy to find in the plastic partitioned box. Simply look at the interior diagram to find the correct product. Each image is clearly labeled with recommended surfaces, available sizes, colors and packaging choices.

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