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As a full line brush partner, The Malish Corporation manufactures a growing line of foodservice and janitorial products. Malish has recently put special emphasis on our expanded color-coded foodservice products that are ideally suited for a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) program. The HACCP program is intended to identify and document the control of food processing areas where contamination can occur.

Malish color-coded foodservice brushes are manufactured in the industry-standard color-coded scheme so that it is easy to recognize which tools are intended for which uses.

Yellow: Bakery
Green: Produce
Blue: Seafood
Red: Meat
White: Deli

In addition to foodservice products, Malish also manufactures hand maintenance brushes and tools for the Janitorial/Sanitary Maintenance market. Product offerings include floor sweeps, street and specialty brooms, upright brooms, general and miscellaneous cleaning tools, handles and cleaning accessories. 
Check our Catlog for deatils.



Color-Coded Brushes

Short Handled Pot Brushes

Long Handled Pot Brushes
Bi-level Scrubs
Cutting Board Brushes
Counter Dusters
Iron Handle Scrubs
Kettle & Tank Brushes
Color-coded Angle Brooms
Multi-purpose Foodservice Brushes
Meat Grinder Brush
Color-coded Squeegees
Brush Racks
Color-coded Handles

Click for Color-Coded Brochure

Equipment & Kitchen Cleaning Tools

Tool & Tong Holders
Wok Brush
Multi-purpose Brushes
Hand & Nail Brushes
Pastry & Basting Brushes
Grease Scrub
Bottle Brushes
Lettuce Cutter Brush
Drain Brushes


Floor Sweeps

Fine Floor Sweeps
Medium Floor Sweeps
Heavy Duty Sweeps 

Street & Specialty Brooms

Street Brooms
Specialty Brooms
Angle/Upright Brooms

 Upright Brooms

Angle Brooms
Corn Brooms
Dust Pans

 Specialized Floor Care

Heavy Duty Cleaning Tools / Grout Scrub
Multi-level Scrubs
Deck Scrubs

Miscellaneous Cleaning Tools

Utility Pad Holder

Vehicle & Window Brushes

Floor Squeegees

Click for Versa Scrub Green Brochure

Handles & Handle Accessories

Threaded Handles
Tapered Handles
Handle Brace

General Cleaning Tools

Short Handled Utility Scrub Brushes
Long Handled Utility Scrub Brushes
Counter Dusters
Bowl Brushes
Hand Scrubs

Miscellaneous Cleaning Accessories

Wire Brushes
Detail & Carpet Brushes
Radiator Brush

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