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Hepa Dry Vac Kit

The Square Scrub® HEPA Dry Vac Kit attaches to all Square Scrub® Machines* with the included face plate mount and plugs into the machine power with an adapter (included). Designed specifically to remove airborne particulates (not designed to remove debris from floor). Hose adapter also included. This vacuum is CRI Gold Certified and HEPA rated.With the optional Backpack Toolkit - This vacuum converts into a Backpack Vac.

Hepa Dry Vac Kit Tools

Backpack conversion toolkit for use with the HEPA Dry Vac Kit.

HEPA Dry Vac Kit Cloth Bags

6 Quart cloth replacement bags for use with the HEPA Dry Vac Kit. 

HEPA Dry Vac Filter

Replacement HEPA Filter for use with the HEPA Dry Vack Kit.

HEPA Dry Vac Kit Ultimate HEPA Bags

Micro-Lined 3-ply replacement bags for use with the HEPA Dry Vac Kit. 

Solution Tank

The Square Scrub® Solution Tank attaches to all Square Scrub® Machines* and dispenses water through the vacuum hole already integrated into the baseplate of your machine directly onto the work surface. Tank capacity = 5 quarts. Set up in minutes.  

*Models without removable weights will require additional hardware for installation.

Universal Vacuum Bracket

Use this bracket to mount most backpack vacuums to the Square Scrub® (removable weights models only). Easy to attach and sturdy 12 gauge powder coated steel design.

Carrying Handle

Quickly add a pair of carrying handles to your machine for easier transport. Remove the knob on the removable weights, slide a handle on and tighten down. Two Handles are required.

2 Piece Machine Handle

Hour Meter

Dust-Containment-Kit[1] Dust Containment System 

DCK SS142010
Our Dust Containment Shroud adds another dimension in controlling indoor airborne particulates during dry stripping. Easy to install. Fits any Square Scrub machine built after 2/1/2010. All EBG-28’s have these as standard equipment.

Dust Skirt with Velcro Strips - Zinc Vacuum Attachment - Black Velcro Strap - 2 Alcohol Pads - 1½ inch Vacuum Connector - Vacuum Hose

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