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When it comes to automatic scrubbers, Tornado 
provides the widest range of products and 
technological innovation in the market. Regardless 
of your flooring type, Tornado’s machines will meet 
your unique cleaning needs. For difficult and uneven 
flooring surfaces such as brick paver, quarry tile or 
raised rubber flooring, Tornado’s cylindrical brush 
machines will tackle those hard-to-clean surfaces with 
speed and efficiency. 

 BR 13/1 MW
Low-Moisture, Multi-Purpose Scrubber for
 Hard and Soft  Floors 
BR 16/3 Automatic Floor Scrubber
Powerful, automatic floor scrubbing in a compact package
 BD 14/4
 Compact Cordless Automatic Scrubber 
 BD 17/6 
Compact Cordless Automatic Scrubber
BR 18/11 and BD 20/11 Walk-Behind 
Auto Scrubbers 
World Class Small Walk-Behind Scrubbers 

EZ Floorkeeper®
20" and 24" Floorkeepers®
Floorkeeper 20 and 24 Disk
Created 1965, perfected 2019
Floorkeeper 28 and 32 Disk
Created 1965, perfected 2019
Floorkeeper 20 and 28 Orbital
Created 1965, perfected 2019
 BR22/14 and BD 26/14 Walk-Behind Auto   Scrubber
World Class Scrubber Delivering Superior Productivity,       Durability and  Improved Health
 BD28/20 Large Walk-Behind Auto Scrubber
 World class scrubbing with a low profile and   a wide path
 BR28/27 and BD 26/27 Ride-On Automatic   Scrubbers
 World Class Scrubber Delivering Increased Productivity,
 Durability, Health and Safety
 BR and BD 33/30 Ride-On Automatic Scrubbers 
 World Class Ride-On Automatic Scrubbers 
 BD 32/26 Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber
 World Class Scrubbing with a wide cleaning path and
  large solution and recovery tanks
BDSO 27/28 Stand-On Automatic Scrubber
Stand-On Auto-Scrubber 
OB 20/14
Orbital Auto-Scrubber
OB 28/20
Walk-Behind Auto-Scrubber

The Difference with Cylindrical Brushing

Simply put, with rotation speeds between 175 and 250 rpm, cylindrical brushing provides maximum hits to any surface.
More hits means more efficiency, and with short bristles on every brush, cylindrical machines clean deep. For stone or grouted
surfaces, cylindrical brushing is an easy way to get between every crevice. As well, the challenges of restroom cleaning can be
minimized by the fast and high impact nature of this technique.

In particular, Tornado® cylindrical brush machines provide:

  • 20 - 30% less water consumption
  • 1000-1500 HIGHER RPM
  • Over a dozen brush & pad combinations
  • Zero splashing or over spray
  • Counter rotation for agitation against tough surfaces
  • Edge cleaning abilities
  • Self cleaning brushes
  • Greater contact pressure on uneven surfaces 6:1

Cleaning Uneven and Specialty Flooring with Cylindrical  Brush Scrubbers

When challenged with cleaning uneven, porous or specialty hard
floor surfaces there is really only one option — using cleaning equipment with cylindrical brush technology.

  • 1. Increased Scrubbing Action
    Tornado's cylindrical brush machines spin at between 650 and 1,500 rpm, depending upon the machine used. In contrast, discs floor machines generally only rotate at between 175 and 250 rpm.

  • 2. Improved Contact Pressure
    With cylindrical brushes, the downward pressure is concentrated within the inch and a half line of contact that the brush has with the floor. Increased concentration translates into higher pressure, with approximately six times that of a conventional disc unit. Increased pressure on the floor means better cleaning action.

  • 3. Bristles vs. Pads
    While disc pads ride over crevices and grout lines, cylindrical brushes reach in and clean them with ease. No other system works as well on cleaning grout and textured tile, period.

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