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Tornado's carpet care products are designed with an eye towards satisfying today's demanding indoor air quality requirements and operator ergonomics.


TV2 SS Canister Vacuum
Quiet, powerful, Stainless Steel
canister dry vacuum
 BR 13/1 MW
 Low-Moisture, Multi-Purpose Scrubber 
 for Hard and Soft Floors
CK LW 13/1 Vacuum
8lb. Lightwight Vacuum

CK LW 13/1 Roam
8lb. Lightwight Cordless Vacuum
 CK 14/1 Pro

 14 inch Commercial Upright Vacuum 
 with HEPA filtration
CK 14/2 Pro 
14 inch Dual Motor Upright Vacuum

Marathon Carpetrinser Upright Extractors
100 p.s.i. without heat, 200 p.s.i. 
with heat and 400 p.s.i. with Perfect Heat

Mini-Marathon 425 Carpet Extractor
4.26 Gallon Self-Contained Extractor for 
Small Spaces

Pac-Vac® Aircomfort Vacuums
6 qt. and 10 qt. Backpack Vacuums

Pac-Vac 6 Roam
Battery operated back pack vacuum with unrivaled comfort
CV 30 and CV 38
12" and 15" HEPA-Filtered Commercial 
Upright Vacuums
 CV 38 Dual and CV 48 Dual

 Dual Motor Vacuums with True HEPA 
 Filtration and Unmatched Performance

CK 3030
Wide Area Vacuum®

Windshear® 3000
Blower / Dryer

Windshear® 3200
Fast and Powerful Blower / Dryer

Windshear SD 3500
Safety Blower/Dryer

 Windshear Sidedraft
 Blower / Dryer
 Windshear Downdraft
 Whole Room Dryer

Windshear Storm
Compact size, low amp draw and lightweight 
with new "Driven Air" technology for fast drying

PS Spotter

PS series of professional spotters
The Room-Mate
Designed specifically for apartmets, hotels, and similar applications

Marathon 350 Carpet Spotter
Go-anywhere design with professional 
extraction performance

 Marathon 800 and 1200
 8 gal. and 12 gal. self contained carpet extractors

Marathon 2000
20 gal. self contained carpet extractor

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