Tornado Industries proudly announces
 the availability of a brand new
BD 17/6 Compact
Auto -Scrubber - Features:

Compact Automatic Scrubbing
Eco-friendly AGM battery operated unit
Incredible water recovery even on
180 degree turns
Parabolic squeegee
On-board battery charger
17" Cleaning path
Clean 16,200 square feet per hour


Square Scrub proudly announces
the availability of new square pads:

Square Scrub proudly announces
the availability of our newest machine:

Kaivac is pleased to announce the availability of the initial components
of its revolutionary OmniFlex
Crossover Cleaning System. 
We believe that this new category makes advanced cleaning technology practical and accessible, expanding the market potential of Kaivac's cleaning technologies exponentially.


Green Klean®

Announcing the new Bleach...
Bleach Tablets and Crystals



Learn How to Clean 
Without Chemicals but with 
Ionized Water with the

Tersano lotus® PRO System



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At LCM Enviro-Solutions we are committed to provide ecologically friendly solutions to ensure our customers the peace of mind of environmentally safe products and sevices!  Green cleaning practices include the following elements:

  • Water conservation;                                                                                                
  • Less use of harsh cleaning solvents;
  • Use of HEPA filtration systems to preserve and enhance
    indoor air quality (IAQ);
  • Use of recyclable and reusable machine components;
  • Use of energy-efficient motors;
  • Source reduction (creating less environmental waste).



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We are excited to announce a partnership with
our newest manufacturers.
We anticipate powerful new opportunities with
these superior product lines!

We have techniques and procedures that will enhance our product
lines in the following End-user markets:

  • Airports
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Schools and Universities
  • Food Service Institutions
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Retail Establishments
  • Stadiums and Coliseums

LCM Enviro-Solutions is partnering with Manufacturers, Distributors
End-users in MN, IA, MT, NE, ND, SD and western WI. 

Keeping our Planet Clean and Green


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